5 Effective Kettlebell Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

5 Effective Kettlebell Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

To show just how amazingly versatile kettlebells are, we’ve put together a full-body workout packed with kettlebell exercises that work your arms, abs, hips, glutes and legs. The best part is… all you need for this full-body kettlebell workout is a single pair of kettlebells! If you’re looking for a top of the line kettlebell set or Brisbane kettlebells, visit Brisbane-based fitness equipment retailer and manufacturer, AtomicMass so you can kick off your 2019 fitness goals in style!

1. Russian Kettlebell Swing

In addition to putting your arms to work, this kettlebell swing exercise targets the shoulders back, hips, glutes, and legs. Start upright, standing with your feet hip-width distance apart. Grab a single kettlebell with both hands, keeping your palms face down and arms in front of the body. With knees slightly bent, drive your hips back and lower your body into a high squat. Drive your hips forward while swinging the kettlebell, keeping the glutes and core engaged. This motion should come from the hips, not the arms, as the body returns to standing. Lower the weight back down between the legs and continue this swinging motion for 12-15 reps.

2. Kettlebell Windmill

This kettlebell exercise is a bit more advanced but yields tonnes of benefits for the hips and more! Hold the kettlebell in your left hand and angle the feet 45 degrees away from the left arm. Raise the kettlebell overhead, lock the arm, and keep your eyes on the weight (which will help keep the shoulders aligned!). Shift your weight onto the right leg and begin bending forward at the waist. Keep the right arm extended overhead as the body bends forward and the left arm is pointed toward the ground. (For all you yogis out there, this should feel similar to triangle pose.) Lift back up slowly, staying in control. Repeat for 6 to 8 reps on each side.

3. Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing

Chances are you’ve seen this kettlebell workout performed at the gym before, but did you know it’s super effective for strengthening your hips as well as your shoulders, back, glutes and legs?! This simple exercise begins standing with one hand grasping the kettlebell between your legs. Swing the kettlebell up with one arm while swinging your other arm up simultaneously to help drive momentum. Alternate hands when the kettlebell is behind the legs. Shoot for 10-12 reps on each arm and notice the difference in your hip flexors!

4. Side Step Kettlebell Swing

A lower body burner – this kettlebell swing move targets the legs, glutes, and lower back.

Start with a basic two-handed kettlebell swing and when the bell is down between the feet, step your left foot out to the left. Then, when the weight is up, bring your right foot to meet the left. Continue for 10-15 steps, then switch sides.

5. Kettlebell Figure-8

This inventive kettlebell exercise will set your abs on fire! Start in a quarter-squat position with your legs slightly wider than your hips. Keeping your back straight and chest up, grab the kettlebell with your right hand between your legs, swing it around the outside of your right leg, then back between the legs. Next, pass the kettlebell to your left hand and swing it around the outside of your left leg. Keep this motion going for a minute straight, switching directions at the 30-second mark. Feel the burn!